Equities On Demand Pass

$299 $27* 

Your Equities on Demand Trading Room Access Includes:

  • EOD Trading Room Pass - Unrestricted access to live sessions Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Eastern Time.
  • EOD Trading Room Recordings - Watch previously live sessions anytime**, posted after each session.
  • EOD Trading Room Dashboard and Classroom - Everything you need to know and utilize from our trading room sessions in one convenient and easily accessible area.
  • EOD Telegram Channel - This is where we communicate any updates to the group; including trade updates, which are sent directly to your phone. (Requires you to download the Telegram App, but it's completely free.)
  • Trade Tracker and Trade Log - See which trades we’re taking and which are on our radar week over week, short and long-term.
  • EOD Getting Started Training Lessons - Quickly get setup to maximize each session with this quick, but powerful on-boarding video. Plus, you’ll get access to Stocks 101, Options 101, Spread Trading 101 and Trading 101 video lessons.
  • ​EOD Study Guide - ​Easy-to-follow instructions for learning, practicing and applying your trading lessons. 
  • ​Spread Trading Cheat Sheet - We’ll reveal 16 of the most common spread types, the pros and cons of each, and exactly when to trade them. 

You'll Have Access to:

  • Timely, detailed fundamental and technical setups on the stocks poised to move the most in the upcoming day, week, month and quarter
  • ​Expert analysis on current economic news and events to help you cut through all the market noise
  • Top strategy systems that are intended for all kinds of market environments 
  • ​Powerful methods for applying options strategies along with technical tools to help you make the best trading and investing decisions
  • ​Step-by-step guidance to help you make more without the fear and stress of taking on too much risk 
  • ​Time-tested investment strategies that can be used for either long or short-term trading goals
  • ​Valuable tips for selecting the best brokers and trading platforms
  • ​Keys to trading more effectively and efficiently while protecting your time and resources
  • ​Detailed explanations on how to start taking immediate action by identifying investments that match your goals and available cash flow
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